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Brief DescriptionEdit

Main god of the Thorwalian pantheon
Demigod of the pantheon of the Twelvegods
Aspects strength, courage, naval battles, adventurous travel, impetuousness, irascibility, Swafskari, personal challenge with the elements
Holy animal whales, especially Sperm Whales, and dolphins
Holy colour blue, white and red
Sanctuaries Swafnirland, Efferd's columns (?)
Highest agent Bridgera Karvsolmfara
Holidays 'First Departure' (PER 1)
Day of Water (EFF 1)
Adversary Hranngar
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Since the earliest times, Swafnir is the main god of the Thorwalian pantheon. In the mythology of the Twelvegods, he is regarded as a son of Efferd and Rondra and therefore as a demigod. Swafnir ist the god of seafaring. He has a martial aspect, because of his continous battle against the sea serpent Hranngar, who is reckoned evil impersonate. The sacred animal of Swafnir is the Sperm Whale. They say the god travels the seas of Ethra in the shape of a white Sperm Whale.
The mystical island of Swafnirland in Ifirn's Ocean is of particular importance, because this is the place where Swafnir showed himself to the Thorwalians.

Thorwal, Olport, Prem
Bridgera Karvsolmfara, Jurge Swafnirsgrehd, Hjalder Swafnirson

Further Forms of WorshipEdit

  • Zwanfir is the god of death of the Gjalskan pantheon, who takes the shape of a pale whale with razor-sharp teeth. Zwanfir's realm of the dead is situated under the sea and is dreaded by the people of Gjalska due to superstition. According to their ideas of the beyond, Zwanfir will have to re-release the dead when the giant Cloudhead chokes him. Then an evergreen peaceful time will begin.
  • The Bansumitians of Myranor supposably refer to the God-Whale as Suf'Nu or Bahaphan.

Derived Aventurian TermsEdit

  • By Swafnir! - Thorwalian endorsement
  • Swafnir's children - whales and dolphins, but also the Thorwalian people
  • Swafnirchildren - Thorwalians, who are "blessed" with the Swafskari

Earthly AffairsEdit

  • Etymology:
    • In the The Helgi Lays of the Edda, a king named Swafnir or Svafnir is mentioned.
    • Swafnir is one of the many sobriquets of Odin.
    • Fafnir is a giant in shape of a dragon in the Germanic mythology.


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